New United Tech and New United Race Tech

have officially been acquired by "The Plug Dealer".  As of Nov. 21st 2014 The Plug Dealer has assumed control of all New United Tech's inventory and intellectual assets.

Status as of Nov. 25th 2014, we are in process of importing all of New United Tech's databases in to ours.  The product definitions, images, stock status, and cross reference data have been imported.

Our IT team is working diligently to import all of the customers vendors, and your order histories.

Our e-commerce store is online; however it is still in need of some tweaking.  Please let us know if there is anything we need add to the site, or if any part of the site is not working as expected, we are very eager to know.  

The Plug Dealer can be contacted by email, phone, or online chat (beta).  During this critical first phase of construction, email may be your safest mode of communication.

All links ot New United Tech will be re-directed to their respective product pages on this site not too distant near future.

Please proceed to our store, have a look around, let us know if we can get you anything, and enjoy!